Clayton Homes of Opelika

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

Whether you are buying your first home or your forever home, Clayton Homes of Opelika has options that will work for you and your budget. From the Farmhouse to the Cabin, there is a model and floor plan that can accommodate a single, a couple, a family and any combination in between. That’s not all you can expect from Clayton Homes either.

"People don’t realize we can do it all from start to finish,” said Jason Griffith, manager in training. “It’s an all-inclusive process from land selection to clearing the land, setting the driveway, installing the septic system—any and all features your home needs.” While there is no guarantee building a home will be completely hassle-free, the experienced team at

Clayton Homes of Opelika can make it a less daunting, smooth and exciting experience.

There are also several additional benefits when you choose to build with them. “All of our homes are built to HUD’s national standards,” Griffith said. “They are built in a controlled environment so they are never exposed to the elements during the construction process.” One thing that sets Clayton Homes of Opelika apart from competitors is each home is energy smart with features such as low emissive windows; ceiling to walls to floor insulation; programmable thermostat; energy efficient water heater; sealed duct work and more.

Another positive element is all the building materials are eco-friendly and at the end of the building process, there aren’t multiple dumpsters full of wasted supplies and material. In fact, the waste from building an entire house in a controlled environment fits into two 30-gallon drums. “We love to show people that high-quality, energy-smart, affordable housing doesn’t have to break the bank,” Griffith said.

David Thomasson, general manager, agreed and expanded on that thought.

“We have homes for every budget. We also have relationships with several lenders who specialize in manufactured housing. They offer loan programs for pretty much everyone looking to buy,” he said. In the end, for the team at Clayton Homes of Opelika, it’s all about going above and beyond to make sure choosing, building and purchasing the right home for you is a positive experience.

“Here at Clayton Homes in Opelika, we are laser-focused on the customer experience,” Thomasson said. “We are all about happy customers! To us, our customers are our family.”

For more information or to take a tour, visit or call Clayton Homes of Opelika at 3606 Pepperell Pkwy., 334.749.2923 or go to